Activities - Committees & Clubs


The School Management Committee constitutes of the following:-

(a)     Chairman                         -           Commanding Officer, Unit responsible                                                                          

(b)     Vice Chairman                 -           2IC, Unit responsible.

(c)     Officer in Charge             -           Battery Commander, Unit responsible                                                                            

(d)     Members                          -           (i)         Principal.

                                                               (ii)        Vice Principal.

(e)     Accountant and Cashiers  -         Account Clerks, Unit responsible


1.   Students are distributed into four houses.  Class teachers nominate students for four different houses so that each house gets equal representation from each class.  Formation of houses is done at the beginning of the academic year. The four houses are as under:

            (a)       Nehru

            (b)       Azad

            (c)        Bhagat

            (d)       Gandhi

2.         House system occupies a prominent position in the field of Co- curricular activities, which are organised in a healthy competitive environment.  It helps the students to learn ideals of self-discipline, democracy, leadership, loyalty and belongingness to the institution.

3.         The aim of having houses is to promote non-academic activities and interaction amongst students of various classes/age group and also inculcate healthy competitive spirit, develop confidence and talent of the students.

4.         A teacher is nominated as house teacher for each house.  The House teacher is responsible for the complete functioning of the House.